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Invented in 1917, the Clark bar is more than just a sweet treat, as it was an essential part of both World War I and WWII! Currently distributed by Boyer candy, this icon in confectionery history was initially made with a caramel and peanut center, which changed in the 1980s to the current peanut buttery variation. It was the first combination candy bar ever made and was sent to our troops overseas during both World Wars, becoming the first product that successfully combined two flavors in one! Its resulting popularity inspired other candy manufacturers to create their own combo candy bars!

One of America’s all-time favorite confections, the Clark candy bar has a delicate peanut butter, taffy-like center surrounded in milk chocolate with a melt in your mouth flavor that is out of this world delicious. It is the iconic treat with such a rich history, each bite brings you back to bygone eras when life and candy were all about the simple pleasures. Available in Regular, Fun-Size, and Bites, the Clark bars at Candy Warehouse are perfect for retro-themed parties, Veterans Day or Memorial Day celebrations, or as an everyday snack that truly satisfies!

Fun Fact- With over 1.5 million bars per day sent to troops during WWII, this chocolate candy was so critical to our armed forces that when a strike threatened its production during WWII, the United States government stepped in to ensure out troops did not go without! The US proclaimed their intervention as essential to the war effort!

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