Chewy Candy

Efrutti Gummy Cola Bottles - Wrapped: 80-Piece Box


Efrutti Gummy Sour Cola Bottles - Wrapped: 80-Piece Box


Starburst Fruit Chews Candy - Halloween Mix: 60-Piece Bag


Brach's Salt Water Taffy Candy: 7LB Bag

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Bonomo Turkish Taffy Bite-Size Candy: 200-Piece Tub

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Chewy candy offers the perfect balance between hard candy and gum. Unlike chewing gum, you can enjoy the satisfaction of eating without having to wait too long to pop another piece into your mouth. Savor the taste by letting the candy melt on your tongue or give your jaw muscles a workout by chewing up the flavor as quickly as you can. However you prefer to eat it, Candy Warehouse is your source for bulk chewy fruit candy and sour chewy candy from all of your favorite brands. Shop for Hi Chew and Starbursts candies in packs that offer as many as 300 individually wrapped pieces. We also carry chewy caramel candies and other popular sweets like saltwater taffy and gummies in all sorts of fun shapes and designs.

Buying in bulk is a great option for making sure the snack bowl at home is always filled. It will also ensure that you have enough party favors for guests at a birthday celebration, baby shower, gender reveal party, office party, or any other special event. Shop our extensive selection online today!

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