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Does licorice candy prompt a trip down memory lane? Maybe you had a dad who always picked out the black licorice candy jelly beans from your stash. Perhaps you spent every Friday night snacking on red licorice twists with your best friend at the movies. Or you remember a grandma who always had salty licorice in her candy dish. Candy Warehouse is ready and waiting to help you keep those memories alive with a wide assortment of licorice candies in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Select from laces, nibs, bridge mixes, and standard or mini twists as well as specialty shapes such as ocean items, pipes, and diamonds. Whatever the shape, the flavor is as delicious as you remember.

Bulk Licorice Flavored Candies For Sale

Whether you're looking for bulk licorice candy for a big party, as part of a sweet craft project for an entire class, or just because you love the stuff, check out the supply at Candy Warehouse. Buying rope licorice in bulk makes sense if you're looking for fun candy craft projects for a school class, scout group, or church project. Use rope licorice just like string to create candy bracelets or necklaces. Shape, form, tie and mold this tasty treat into unique creations. Bulk black licorice makes a great party munchie, a unique sweet for the reception desk candy bowl, or a fantastic midnight snack.