Green Licorice Candy

Kenny's Juicy Licorice Twists - Green Apple: 1LB Bag

6 Reviews

Gustaf's Sour Green Apple Licorice Laces: 2LB Bag

3 Reviews

Wiley Wallaby Green Apple Licorice Bites : 10-Ounce Bag

5 Reviews

Fini Sour Watermelon Tuberoos: 200-Piece Tub


Fini Twisteroos Pectin Filled Licorice Bites - Sour Watermelon 1KG Bag


Twizzlers Watermelon Pull-n-Peel Licorice Twists: 14-Ounce Bag

4 Reviews

Twizzlers Christmas Licorice Twists King Size Packs: 15-Piece Box

2 Reviews

Twizzlers Key Lime Pie Filled Licorice Twists: 11-Ounce Bag


Twizzlers Caramel Apple Filled Licorice Twists: 20-Piece Bag

9 Reviews

Twizzlers Easter Grass Green Apple Licorice Twists: 10.5-Ounce Bag

1 Review

Green licorice is a new and interesting take on the classic candy. Typically known for its divisive taste, green licorices do not taste much like the original black. Filled with green apple, watermelon, and even key lime flavorings, even the most stubborn licorice dislikers will enjoy these sweet, flavorful treats. Why not try the selection at Candy Warehouse today?

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