For well over 100 years, the Guittard Chocolate Company has created the finest chocolate in the world for chocolate connoisseurs and culinary professionals around the world. It all began during the great California Gold Rush when Etienne Guittard made the long voyage from France to the Barbary Coast with the dream of striking it rich in gold. In need of mining equipment, this French immigrant brought with him chocolate from his uncle’s confectionary with the hope of using it to trade for supplies. When wealthy miners offered to pay for his delectable treats, he soon discovered this cocoa-based treat was a goldmine in itself and returned to his homeland to perfect the fine art of chocolate making. Once he returned to the US, he opened his first chocolatier business which sold chocolate, coffee, tea, and spices.

Five generations later, this company is still going strong as a family business, creating confections using the purest ingredients such as cane sugar, full cream milk, cacao beans, cocoa butter, and vanilla beans. They are also leaders in honorable sourcing and have joined forces with other companies to ensure the protection and restoration of forests for a thriving cocoa community. Guittard chocolate is USA made, Fair Trade and Kosher Certified, and available in milk, semisweet, bittersweet, extra dark, and white chocolate varieties, in baking chips, melting chocolate, wafers, bars, cocoa powder, and decadent chocolate wafers with nonpareils. For the serious chocolate connoisseur, Candy Warehouse carries this epicurean delight in 10-pound bars, Melting Chocolate Apeels, Butterscotch Chips, and lovely White Satin Ribbons in bulk quantities for baking or pure snacking enjoyment.