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Rock Candy Crystals - Amber: 5LB Box


Since 1880, Dryden & Palmer candy company has crafted the pure cane sugar rock candy that everyone loves, bringing wide-eyed and mouth-watering delight to generations of candy connoisseurs! Available in every shade of the rainbow, from light blue and pink to deep orange and black, Dryden and Palmer rock candy crystals are pure, translucent treats ideal for an everyday special treat, buffet table décor, or birthday party fare. For adulting done right, Swizzle Sticks are assorted colors of rock candy sized just right to add to cocktails for a visually stunning top-shelf drink. If you want a classic candy treat made with pure cane sugar, just like it was years ago, browse the colorful and delightful collection of Dryden and Palmer at Candy Warehouse!