Top 9 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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Nowadays, you no longer must wait an entire nine months to find out if the baby is a little miss or mister. So, when the ultrasound results are in, you know that all your friends and family are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for this monumental news. Instead of telling each person individually, why not use this as a reason to throw a party! Gender Reveal Parties are an exciting and fun way to gather everyone together in one place for a day of laughs, food, and of course, sharing of this much-awaited news. But how do you plan such an event when you don’t know where to start?  Make it as easy as can be with these 9 super-unique Gender Reveal ideas that are quick and creative ways to put on a celebration no one will forget!

Choose Your Gender Reveal Party Theme

When picking a theme for the party, give some thought to what your friends and family’s interests are, and the decision will be a lot easier.

Quarterback or Cheerleader?

For football fans, or if your reveal party date will fall anytime during football season, this theme is a fabulous way to include your favorite sport and align with the interests of both male and female guests. Send out invites that look like game tickets and suit up the buffet table with a turfgrass-colored cloth decorated with yard lines. Include football-inspired décor and add chocolate footballs along with cotton candy “pom-poms” to the dessert lineup. How do you reveal around this theme? If it’s a girl, have the dad-to-be burst into the room wearing a cheerleader outfit, if it’s a boy, have the expectant mother enter the room wearing a football jersey in her favorite team colors.

Señor or Señorita?

Throw a “Cinco de-Reveal” party with pink and blue sombreros and bead necklaces and end the event with the breaking of a pinata filled with pink or blue candy for the ultimate in gender reveal fun!

Wizard or Witch?

Expecting a child is a magical time in the lives of parents to be, so why not create a mystical and magical gender reveal party using all things Harry Potter! Tables adorned in wizardly décor with chocolate wands and gummy slugs will make for a clever and well-received theme for a gender reveal celebration. When it’s time to show the world whether it’s a boy or a girl, cast a spell of delight over guests and let a Harry Potter Sorting Hat tell the tale, placing either a pink or blue candy stick “wand” under it to announce the gender!

Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia?

Decorate for a space-inspired theme with a Star Wars Pez Candy dispenser for each guest and sprinkle the buffet table with celestial candy sequins and metallic foil-wrapped stars. To make planning easier, these products are often available in bulk at online retailers like Candy Warehouse. When reveal time comes, unveil either a pink or blue lightsaber to show guests the little Jedi’s gender!

Buck or Doe?

This party idea is right on target with a family who plans to carry on the tradition of hunting to the next generation. Camouflage decorations, blaze orange plates and cups, as well as baby outfits in pink or woodland camo, create a unique theme that will please every outdoor enthusiast on your guest list. For the reveal, make a homemade “tag” that says either antler or antlerless, and insert it into a balloon. Have guests throw darts until someone hits the bullseye, popping the balloon to reveal the gender.

Bows or Bowties?

Cute and oh so easy, the bows and bowtie theme is one that will make all your guests smile. Table décor and buffet snacks are pink and blue through and through with this theme, and when it’s time to reveal the news, have every guest choose a paper bow or bowtie out of a bowl, with the baby’s gender written on one of them. The lucky guest who opens the right one will get to shout out the good news.

Cowboy or Cowgirl?

Pink and blue bandanas, cowboy boots filled with loot, and country music playing in the background will set the stage for a rootin’ tootin’ reveal party. Will the bouncing bundle of joy ride sidesaddle or not? To tell the news, have a cardboard box painted to look like a barn and open the “barn door” to release pink or blue helium-filled balloons.

Mermaid or Pirate?

Anchors away to a gender reveal party of ocean-themed decorations and food and drink inspired by the deep blue sea. Seashell candy bowls filled with gummy fish and chocolate coins are just some of the sweet treats you can have ready for your guests. When the party comes to an end, have the winner of the last game open a treasure chest full of either pink or blue candy chocolate coins to reveal the baby’s gender.

Queen or King?

Have a party fit for royalty with a regal theme using dark blue and deep pink decorations with ladyfinger sandwiches and jewel-tone candies as part of your party feast. Unveil either a crown or a tiara to let the guests in on the royal secret!

It’s All Fun and Games

Coming up empty on party games for this joyous event? Here are a few fun and easy ideas that will work with any theme.

Guessing Game

Have an ultrasound picture on display and ask partygoers to guess the baby’s gender based on the image. When the party ends, everyone who guessed right will get a prize.

Old Wives’ Tales

Have the guests ask the expectant mother-to-be a few questions and compare the answers to old wives’ tales to surmise whether it’s a boy or girl. When the gender is revealed, those who got it right receive a small gift. Example questions would be, “are you carrying high or low?” and “what is the baby’s heart rate?” According to legend, if a mother is carrying high, it’s a girl, and if she’s carrying low, it’s a boy. Slower heart rates are supposed to indicate a boy, while higher heart rates point to a girl.

Baby Charades

Write down all the things we do with babies such as burping, changing diapers, playing peek a boo, pushing a stroller, and installing a car seat. Have guests act out these activities for a hilarious game no one will forget!

Having a baby is a joyous time in life that needs celebration. With so many bulk party supplies and sweet treats available from online stores like Candy Warehouse, any theme is possible. Simple to plan, and fun to host, a gender reveal party is a fabulous way to let friends, family, and loved ones in on the big secret all at once and create memories that will last a lifetime!


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