Mini Candy Canes - Red and White: 100-Piece Tub by YumJunkie Candy

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In classic colors of red and white, these mini peppermint candy canes offer a light and refreshing pick-me-up to keep you going through the busy holiday season. Perfect for the Christmas candy dish at your home or office, each mini candy cane is wrapped to seal in freshness and prevent cooties. Sure to surprise and delight with their perfectly balanced peppermint flavor, these cute little miniature candy canes will make your holiday more festive and fun.

Candy Cane Specifications-
Net Weight: 5 Grams
Hook Width: 0.875 Inch
Height: 1.75 Inches
Flavor: Peppermint

Resealable plastic tub contains 100 Red and White Miniature Candy Canes.

The shipping weight for this tub of mini peppermint candy canes is around 1.5 lb.