Altoids Mints Tins - Wintergreen: 12-Piece Box by Altoids

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Designed for those who prefer a warm, spicy breath freshener, Altoids cinnamon mints have yet to meet an offensive odor they can’t tame. Whether it’s coffee breath or garlic breath, these curiously strong mints are up to the challenge. Stock up with a 12-piece tin box to ensure you’ve always got clean, sweet-smelling breath at home, work, and play. Buying in bulk is a budget-friendly move that saves you money and time. The iconic Altoids tin keeps your cinnamon mints fresh and flavorful and it’s recyclable and reusable in dozens of ways. Check out the big selection of Altoids at Candy Warehouse that includes spearmint, arctic peppermint, and wintergreen, and let us know which curiously strong breath mint flavor is your reliable favorite.

Each tin contains about 75 mints.

Box includes 12 tins of Altoids Wintergreen Mints Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.