M&M's Milk Chocolate Candy - White: 2LB Bag by M&M's

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Sometimes you need chocolate. And sometimes you need chocolate coated in a yummy candy shell of a specific color. Whatever the reasoning -- whether it’s for a special event, or maybe just because the blue ones hurt your feelings once and you’d rather stay away from all the other colored candies -- we understand. And when you require a large pack of a single color of milk chocolate M&M’s, we’re here to help!

You know that white candies aren’t boring -- just because they don’t have any color doesn’t mean that they don’t have spirit! This giant bag of white M&M’s is absolutely perfect for anything from enriching wedding displays to substituting for sweet snow in holiday decorations. So add a bit of color (or not) to your next event with delicious milk chocolate M&M’s!

There are about 500 pieces per pound.

Bag contains 2 pounds of White M&M's Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 2.5 lbs. Kosher Certified.