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Stick candy has a long and celebrated history in America. You might have even called it "barber pole" candy when you were a child. Although they have evolved over time, old-fashioned hard candy sticks are still popular and beloved by candy lovers of every age. These long, cylindrical, and colorful sweets are available in a wide variety of classic flavors as well as fruit and berry flavors. They're perfect for colorful candy bars and dessert tables, so explore our selection today to find a unique flavor for everyone or get creative by incorporating them into the color scheme your next party.

Our selection of bulk stick candy has all the classic flavors you loved and devoured as a child. Browse today to discover a wide variety of old-fashioned hard candy sticks bulk, including banana, bubblegum, butter rum, butterscotch, cherry cola, and so much more.

Horehound is part of the mint family. This flowering plant was originally used to make hard lozenges, because folk healers believed that it could aid digestion, soothe sore throats, and relieve inflammation. Talk about a triple threat! Another classic flavor you might have seen in the local candy store was sassafras. As one of the original ingredients in root beer until 1960, it is no surprise that sassafras was a favorite flavor of anyone who loved soda pop. Cloves may have you daydreaming of Christmas, and these intensely flavored old-fashioned hard candy sticks deliver the right amount of sweetness and warmth to keep you satisfied when the temperatures drop.

Feeling adventurous? Think outside the box by browsing our selection of hard-to-find bulk stick candy in unique flavors: mango, margarita, cake frosting, cherry coconut, buttered popcorn, bacon, and other wildly wonderful varieties. Are you hosting a themed event? Baby showers can be much more exciting when you surprise your guests with a creative reveal of your baby’s gender in the form of bulk stick candy. We conveniently offer announcement kits for both boys and girls, so you can delight your guests with an edible treat that doubles as a gender reveal.

In addition to old-fashioned hard candy sticks, we also offer sour straws, mega sticks, flavor assortments, fruit twists, chocolate-covered biscuits, and much more. Explore our selection of bulk stick candy today to stock up on all the old-time favorites your taste buds have been begging for. If you have any questions about our bulk old-fashioned hard candy sticks, please contact us today for further assistance.