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Almond Joy Candy Bars: 36-Piece Box


You may not remember everything about your childhood, but you are sure to remember your favorite nostalgic candy. Old fashioned candy stands the test of time, and no matter what decade we are in, the candy favorites from the 1950's, 1960’s, and 1970’s will live on as the best ever created. Bubblegum cigarettes, Necco Assorted Wafers, Wonka Bottlecaps, candy buttons, and pixy sticks are just some of the nostalgia candy that will bring back the memories you thought were lost in the sands of time. For a present that won’t be forgotten, the Classic Nostalgic Candy Gift Box, which has a fabulous assortment of nostalgic candies from each decade since the 50’s, is an easy way to bring together all the classic favorites into one convenient package. Find the treats you loved as a child for a price reminiscent of the old days at Candy Warehouse.