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Movie Theater Candy

214 Products

Whether you operate a theater or just like to pretend your living room is your very own cinema, you can make any movie night a great success with box candy in your collection. Candy Warehouse offers a wide variety of movie theater box candy to satisfy every kind of sweet tooth out there. Our selection includes all the brands you know and love, including AirHeads®, Butterfinger®, Ghirardelli®, Gobstopper®, Hershey®, and so many more. We also stock all the nostalgic classics and old-fashioned favorites. Explore our selection today to find sweet treats for parties, holidays, concessions, and so much more.

Buying theater candy wholesale is an excellent idea for offices and business professionals. Conventions, trade shows, and meetings are all made a little sweeter by the presence of candy. Give prospective clients or your executive partners an edible token to remember you by. Our unwrapped collection features an array of flavored licorice twists. Appeal to the child at heart by stocking up on cotton candy in apple, banana, blue raspberry, grape, or wedding cake. Instead, turn any hour into happy hour with cotton candy that tastes like chardonnay, margarita, merlot, or mimosa.

Chocolate lovers will all shout with glee once they see our selection of king size candy bars, which are great for the holidays or indulging in moderation. Our Hershey® collection includes classic milk chocolate, cookies and cream, crispy peanut butter, and bite-sized candy drops. Peanut butter lovers will have to stop their hearts from fluttering at the sight of our Reese’s® collection, which is filled with peanut butter cups of every size. We carry other classic king-size candy bars by Tootsie Roll®, Milky Way®, and more.

Our wide selection of movie theater box candy makes it easier than ever to find all your favorite sweets in one convenient place. While shopping, remember to register your account so you can track orders, store multiple shipping addresses, and enjoy faster checkouts. If you have any questions about our theater candy wholesale selection, please contact a member of our team for further assistance.