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Candy Warehouse carries colossal candy creations large enough to satisfy any sweet tooth! Looking for over-the-top confectionery gifts or big display items for your dessert table? Our assortment of big candy includes giant candy bars as well as giant candy with enormous proportions. From giant lollipops and jawbreakers to huge gummy bears and massive Kit Kat® candy bars, this section of our candy store is fun for all. Browse our inventory today to find all your favorite products by brands you know and love, including Airheads®, Jelly Belly®, Mike and Ike®, Twizzlers®, and more. Browse our selection today to stock up on all your favorite sweets.

There’s nothing like a giant swirl pop to wear out your tongue. Enjoy an amazing rainbow of candy colors, all swirled together into a huge lollipop with a diameter of approximately nine inches. Our big candy collection doesn’t stop there. Weighing in at two pounds, an enormous jawbreaker could possibly qualify as a planetary body if it were orbiting in outer space. We also offer edible jewelry in the form of bracelets and necklaces and giant candy powder straws to achieve the ultimate sugar rush.

Looking for big candy bars? Look no further. Our candy bar collection includes jumbo chocolate bars by Butterfinger®, Crunch®, Hershey®, Junior Mints®, York®, and other confectionery masterminds. Celebrate any special occasion with a marvelously massive peanut butter cup by Reese’s®. We carry giant peanut butter cups weighing between half a pound and two pounds. We also offer chocolate rocks and old-fashioned slabs that could really knock someone out.

One iconic pop culture phenomenon that’s larger than life was originally created as compressed peppermint sweets. By 1948, the PEZ® candy dispenser was patented. Whether decorating for a birthday party, hosting a corporate event, or organizing your wedding favors, candy dispensers are always a big hit with the crowd. In our selection of giant PEZ® dispensers, you’ll find Darth Vader, Hello Kitty, and other classic characters. If you have any questions about our big candy bars, we are here to help. Just contact a member of our team today for further assistance.

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I think it was William Shakespeare who said "Giant candy doth rule". Or maybe it was Alf… or maybe it was the candy elf I just ran into in the hallway. Either way, the guy knows what he’s talking about. For some taste buds, a little is never enough. You crave more- more flavor, more candy, and more fun. And let’s face it, giant candies are a true status symbol. As you walk down the street proudly carrying your Giant Rainbow Swirl Unicorn Pops, people stop to take notice. You feel the envious stares; the whispers of admiration; the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. But- of course- you take it in stride. Shrugging behind your oversized diamond-rimmed sunglasses, you pull out a Mega Dum Dum, lick a lollipop, and let the good times roll.