Harry Potter Candy

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Transform your next birthday party or themed event into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with the Harry Potter candy at Candy Warehouse! Our affordably priced Harry Potter party supplies recreate the mysterious and ever so curious atmosphere of Hogwarts and will cast a spell of delight over Wizards both young and old. Concoct a magic potion of birthday themed party ideas like pinatas filled with Potter fare or, for a real treat, line the buffet table with glass jars filled with Jelly Belly Harry Potter Gummy Slugs and other candy delicacies and label them Felix Felicis, Confusing Concoction or Hiccoughing Potion. Whatever you do, be sure to have plenty of chocolate frogs hopping around to counteract the effects of the Dementors! When it’s time to throw the Potter-themed party of the century, fear not, as we are your online Diagon Alley for candy and party supplies!