Sneaky Stardust Sour Gum Powder Bubble Jugs: 12-Piece Box by Kidsmania

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Remember the classic candy Bubble Jugs filled with bubble gum nuggets and powder? Relive the sweet memories with this new take on the nostalgic favorite. Sneaky Stardust Gum Powder Bubble Jugs are packed with yummy sour bubblegum powder that turns into gum as you chew! Take your taste buds on a trip through outer space with out of this world Bubble Jugs!

Flavors include:
Sour Blue Raspberry
Sour Strawberry
Sour Green Apple

Jug Height: 3.5 Inches

Display box contains 12 Sneaky Stardust Gum Powder Bubble Jugs, each with a net weight of 1.94 ounces.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.