Red Candy Spiral Ornament: 22 Inch by Vickerman

4.3 star rating 3 Reviews
Item #: 133018



This shimmery spiral ornament looks just about pretty enough to eat! But you probably shouldn’t, as it’s made of plastic. Measuring nearly two feet in length, this glittering beauty is the perfect decoration to fancy up any winter event. Hang it from staircases, mantles, window displays, porches, or anywhere else you desire -- it’s a whimsical way to dazzle your guests! The red exterior sparkles and shimmers as it twirls in the winter wind... or the indoor air conditioning (if you happen to live somewhere that is bound to stay warm all season!). It makes for a perfect Christmas adornment, but quite frankly, we think this crimson darling looks dandy just about any day of the year.

Ornament Length: 22 Inches

3.7 star rating 3 Reviews