Tootsie Pop Mr. Owl Collectible

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Tootsie Pop Mr. Owl Collectible

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Make a wise choice when you’re hunting and pecking around for a novelty candy treat with this Tootsie Pop Mr. Owl collectible display. It’s a hoot hung on your kid’s bedroom wall or used as a desktop pencil holder, and the all-knowing Tootsie Pop owl mascot comes with seven delicious, long-lasting Tootsie Pops. Did you know that several studies have been conducted over the years to answer the pressing question of how many licks it takes to get to the soft Tootsie Roll pop center? While results vary, it’s safe to say that this is one classic lollipop candy that’s been delighting kids and adults alike since 1931. Shop the huge collection of Tootsie Roll Industries products in stock at Candy Warehouse to find bulk bags of all your favorite Tootsie flavors.

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