Raindrops Mini Candy Pizza: 3-Ounce Box

Raindrops Mini Candy Pizza: 3-Ounce Box - Candy Warehouse

Raindrops Mini Candy Pizza: 3-Ounce Box

Item No: 161059 Brand: Raindrops Type: Novelty

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Thrill the pizza addict in your life with a Raindrops mini candy pizza. From the authentically adorable pizza delivery box to the trendy sunny-side-up egg topping, everything about this pizza shaped candy is designed to delight. Each topping, garnish, and pizza slice is made from sweet, fruit-flavored gummy candy with some red licorice artfully tossed in. You get 18 pizza gummies in the 3-ounce box in a realistic-looking Italian pie measuring 4.5 inches in diameter. This unique mini candy pizza from Candy Warehouse makes an awesome novelty gift for adults, and it’s a child's birthday party favor the whole school will be talking about. Be the best parent on the block by surprising your kid’s sports team with a post-game gummy pizza in a box for each deserving player.

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