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Pop Rocks Candy

Carbonated candy was originally invented in the 1950s by a chemist at General Foods. Even though the instant soda sensation didn’t work out the first time, another chemist reworked the recipe twenty years later to invent POP ROCKS®, America’s favorite exploding candy. At first, parents were scared that these explosive candies would make their children’s stomachs explode. Luckily, that’s not the case. These sugary morsels will explode in your mouth, though, delivering a blast of unforgettable flavor. We offer a delicious selection of POP ROCKS® candy to satisfy any sweet tooth or taste. Browse our POP ROCKS® candy bulk collection today to stock up for future birthday parties, holidays, or the occasional need for that captivating carbonation you crave.

These small, mouth-watering pieces of candy have been gasified with carbon dioxide under super-atmospheric pressure. Best of all, each pouch contains less carbonation than half a can of soda, so you can snack guilt-free while satisfying your bubbling desire for a glass of soda pop. We carry a whole host of delectable flavors: cherry, grape, bubble gum, cotton candy, green apple, strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon, and more!

Indulge your cravings for richly sweet treats by trying POP ROCKS® chocolate candies. These poppy candy nuggets deliver the best of all candy worlds in one spectacular collision. Looking for a tasty solution that’s safe for diabetics or health-conscious candy lovers? Look no further than our sugar-free POP ROCKS® in bulk. They’ll surely snap, crackle, and pop without all the sugar. Take your taste buds for a wild ride with POP ROCKS® DIPS that will light up your tongue.

Stock up on POP ROCKS® in bulk by buying fun-size candy packs for Halloween. We guarantee your house will become the favorite stop on your neighborhood’s trick-or-treating route. Enjoy as fall fizzles by passing around our Pumpkin Patch candy packs with orange and green powder that sounds just like the crackling of a flaming candle. Spread the joy this Christmas with candy cane-flavored POP ROCKS® candy. We hear that Santa likes to feed these peppermint explosions to his reindeer to put some pep in their step. Please contact CandyWarehouse.com today with any questions or concerns, and a member of our team will help you every step of the way toward confectionery heaven.

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