Sunbursts Chocolate Sunflower Seeds - Pink: 1LB Bag by Sunbursts Candy

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High-oleic sunflower seeds are wrapped in smooth cocoa and glazed in a candy coating of bright pink color.

What are SUNBURSTS? Take an incredibly healthful sunflower kernel; add a layer of fine cocoa, coat it with a colorful candy shell, and you have SUNBURSTS - sunflower seeds reinvented for fun and flavor! Now they are easy to eat, and perfect for that mid-morning snack, or the kids late afternoon sweet tooth.

Unique and tastefully stimulating SUNBURSTS are beautiful candy-coated, chocolate cocoa-covered sunflower kernels. SUNBURSTS are abundant in nutrients AND flavor. It is the perfect balance for a new everyday energy snack. Athletes and kids love them.

Bag contains 1 pound of Pink Sunbursts Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs. Kosher Certified.