Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks - Peppermint: 80-Piece Box by Gilliam Candy

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Once upon a time music was music, films were made in black and white, and candy was simple. So that’s why your eyes nearly popped out of your head when you saw this 80-piece box of old fashioned peppermint sticks. No, everyone doesn’t make them like they did back in the day, but we know someone who does. Reminisce about the good old days as you bite off a piece of cool mint from one of these red and white striped sticks although technically, you can’t go that far back since you weren’t even born when the old days existed. But that’s okay. We understand how old your soul is, just as you’ll understand how fresh the flavor tastes when you add this collection of peppermint sticks candies to your Throwback Party. Proudly exhibit Gilliam old fashioned candy sticks in one of our handsome display racks: 6-Jar Rack12-Jar Rack

Stick Specifications-
Net Weight: 0.5 Ounce
Length: 5 Inches
Diameter: 1/4 Inch
Flavor: Peppermint

Box contains 80 wrapped Peppermint Sticks, Gilliam Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks with a Fresh Mint Flavor.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs. Kosher Certified.