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Visitors to Mexico often buy local folk art as souvenirs. Some of the most admired work is Huichol art: intricate sculptures that use beeswax and beads to create designs. Weavings, pottery, carvings and glass-work are also popular souvenirs for visitors to the region. But piñatas, made by local piñateros (piñata-makers), are rarely considered art. However, piñatas are a ubiquitous ingredient of life in Mexico. Part of the cartonería or carton piedra (rock cardboard) tradition - which also includes mojigangas (giant puppets), masks and dolls - the piñata is as vital to Mexican celebrations as mariachi music. Traditional fiestas, such as the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration in mid-December, call for donkeys, fish and birds. For birthdays, kids gravitate toward cartoon and action figures.