Warm Weather / Summer Shipping Policy

What You Should Know:

  • If you take our recommended precautions – utilize a valid business address where someone is there to receive the package on the first attempt, and if your candy STILL melts, we will provide a refund for those melted items. But sorry, we will not reship items that have melted in transit.
  • Some items will melt if you ship them using regular ground shipping and you are not at the destination to receive the package at the time of delivery.
  • Items that feature the Free Cold Packs graphic on the product page are especially likely to melt (e.g. chocolates, taffy, gummies, marshmallows). These items are shipped in a special insulated box(es) with cold packs at NO CHARGE to you.
  • To avoid melting on idle delivery trucks over the weekend, meltable orders will not be shipped when the ETA includes transport over a weekend.

What You Can Do:

  • Choose a faster shipping method for all meltable items. You can still ship the rest using ground shipping.
  • Make sure someone is around to receive the shipment so it doesn’t sit outside in the sun.
  • Check the temperature in your area before shipping: National Weather Map

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