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Heading back to school can be an exciting adventure, but some children are understandably nervous about making new friends, studying new subjects, and learning from new teachers. Make the beginning of the school year a sweeter experience with the help of our back-to-school candy selection. Our school candies selection is packed with creative, educational, and sports-themed treats your kids are sure to love. As one of the leading candy distributors in the country, we strive to carry the brands you know and love. We proudly carry goodies made by Crayola®, Dubble Bubble®, Nerds®, Jelly Belly®, and more!

Depending on the curriculum, grades K – 5 begin learning about presidents. What better way to celebrate patriotism and tradition than with a five-piece gift box of Presidential PEZ® dispensers? We carry all the most influential figures in American history with presidential candy dispensers ranging from Theodore Roosevelt to Abraham Lincoln. Feel free to start beginning all your speeches with ""Four score and seven PEZ ago"" from now on.

Teachers and classroom assistants love using candy in the classroom without going overboard. Stock up on all your students’ favorites at affordable prices. We offer super tube banks filled with Smarties®, jelly bean variety packs, bubble gum in the shape of popular sports, candy test tubes for fun science projects, chocolate crayons for trivia prizes, or gummy alphabet letters for in-class activities.

Our back-to-school candy selection boasts a wide range of themed candies for different school subjects or interests. Little artists will adore our giant rainbow lollipops or color palette lollipops that will move their taste buds into bountiful leaps of inspiration. Avid readers will laugh and enjoy our Shakespearean insult packs complete with yummy fruit-flavored bubble gum. We also carry Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, and Edgar Allen Poe hard candy books in an array of exciting flavors. is one of the leading suppliers of delicious sweet treats, and our selection of school candies will help make the transition from summer to school that much sweeter. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about sales before anyone else! If you have any questions about our back-to-school candy selection, please contact us today for further assistance.