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Mentos Candy

Mentos - The Freshmaker! Popular the world over thanks to the brand's zany television commercials introduced in the 1960s, Mentos (or "The Freshmaker" as is their tagline) are the smooth, chewy candies with the hard, crunchy coating and the tasty, long-lasting chewing gum in a variety of flavors. Invented in the Netherlands by two candy-loving brothers Michael and Pierre van Melle while on a train bound for Poland in 1932, Mentos were born out of a vision for a peppermint-flavored caramel confection. Today Mentos candy products come in a wide variety of crazy mint, bubblegum, licorice and delightfully unexpected fruit flavors. But Mentos aren't just a superstar candy because of their satisfyingly refreshing taste and hard-and-chewy consistency, although that would be reason enough for us. They are also famous for their spotlight role in a number of online videos that went viral in the early 2000s featuring a unique, seemingly chemical reaction that occurs when the candy makes contact with carbonated liquid. Each small candy sports a porous coating created from 40 layers of sprayed liquid sugar, and when a candy tab meets soda an effect called nucleation occurs that causes the instant formation of bubble-filled foam at a rapid rate. It's pretty intense to watch! In truth, you can pass your time by playing with your food all you want, but the best way to make the most out of Mentos is to pop each colorful disc in your mouth one by one and enjoy its individually tasty flavor as a surefire yummy snack.

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