Cadbury eggs stand alone as an Eastertime treat with their creamy fondant center surrounded in a shell of luxurious milk or dark chocolate. These legendary Easter eggs were first created in 1923 but didn’t become mainstream in the US until 1988, when the Hershey’s Company acquired licensing of this royal candy brand. Since then, Cadbury chocolate has been a part of everyone’s holidays and celebrations in one form or another and is known to be the most decadent, rich, and creamy confections ever created. Whether it be premium Dairy Milk Chocolate bars in Fruit & Nut or Caramello, or seasonal favorites like the solid milk chocolate Cadbury bunny, these British-born confections are a welcomed sight in Easter Baskets, candy dishes, and Halloween trick or treat loot bags for candy lovers both young and old. Find the most delectable selections of this royally delicious chocolate in stock at Candy Warehouse!