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Junior Mints Candy Mini Packs: 72-Piece Box by Junior Mints

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Candy Trivia Time! In a rather famous Seinfeld storyline, Jerry and Kramer accidentally drop a Junior Mint into a surgery patient’s body. Later, the man miraculously recovers from surgical complications, and viewers are lead to believe this recovery was a result of the Junior Mint debacle. Remember that episode? Remember the intense craving for Junior Mints that immediately hit you as the credits rolled?

Well, we don’t know if Junior Mints can cause miraculous recoveries. But we do know the dark chocolate coating and creamy mint center makes for a rather miraculous combination! These Junior Mint Candy Mini Packs are a delectable snack size version of a cool, refreshing candy that has been America's favorite pop-able chocolate covered creamy mint since its introduction in 1949. And if you’re feeling that intense craving for Junior Mints return right about now, feel consoled to know that you’re not alone.

Display box contains 72 mini packs of Junior Mints Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.