Jawbreaker Candy Bracelet by Kandi Jewelry

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Are you an avid jawbreaker enthusiast? Well, express your love for the long-lasting hard candies with this adorable accessory! It’s a stretchy elastic bracelet accented with blue, pink, and purple crystals. But the real stars of the jewelry are the colorful, splatter paint beads that look just like tiny jawbreakers! Yes, they may appear appetizing, but try to refrain from giving them a lick -- as we mentioned, these jawbreakers are actually beads. On the bright side, that just means that this inedible bracelet has a lifespan even longer than even the most gigantic jawbreaker you could imagine. Show off your sweet side with this sugar-inspired trinket that you can wear over and over again.

Beaded bracelet is stretchy on elastic.

Bracelet Specifications-
Unstretched Diameter: 3 Inches
Jawbreaker Bead Width: 1/2 Inch

Shipping Weight ~ 1/4 lb.

Note: This item does not contain edible parts. wear it, love it, but just don't eat it!