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Beyond the mounds of jelly beans and marshmallow chicks, Easter is a time of festivity with friends and family. Who says that sweet treats are only for children? No one! That’s why we carry such a wide selection of candy for Easter, so you can celebrate in your own way. Our collection of candy for Easter includes Easter chocolate eggs, mouth-watering lollipops, sensational sugar straws, sinfully delicious crèmes, Easter chocolate bunnies and so much more. We are dedicated to carrying candy by some of the best confectionery masterminds in the business, including Skittles®, Nerds®, Jolly Rancher®, Hershey®, Jelly Belly®, and many more. Browse our inventory of Easter chocolate eggs, bunnies, and more to stock up for the springtime or your not-so-sporadic snack time. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.

Celebrate with all the classics you loved and cherished as a child, including Easter egg candy, cotton candy, PEZ® candy dispensers, Easter candy marshmallow bunnies, and other sweets. We carry Easter chocolate eggs, caramel eggs, peanut butter eggs, and hollow eggs to satisfy any type of sweet tooth. Looking for Easter chocolate bunnies and bunny candy? Look no further. We offer an array of marshmallow bunnies and gummies with or without a seriously sour edge to bring your taste buds to life. Sure, we carry the classic candies. But how about a modern twist? Leave your taste buds begging for more by trying Easter-themed candy corn, malted milk balls, pearlized gumballs, edible grass, sprinkles, Jordan almonds, and any of our other sinfully delicious selections.

There’s nothing quite like running down the stairs or rounding the corner to discover a colorful basket filled to the brim with candy for Easter. You may lack the long ears and the short, fluffy tail, but we’re confident that you’re going to go down in history as the Easter master in your home. Stock up on all the sweets and Easter egg candy you can get your paws on. Throwing an Easter party? We have you covered. You can create a stunning table display by ordering a few of your favorite candy for Easter by color or theme. In addition to sweets, we also carry piñatas and party supplies. If you have any questions about our candy for Easter, including Easter chocolate, eggs, bunnies, carrots, or butterflies, feel free to contact one of our candy specialists today for further assistance or additional information.

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[Curtain Opens. Boy and Girl stand on stage.] 1st Boy: "Wel, Wel, Welcome to the Christmas play . . ."

[Stage whisper from off-stage]

1st Boy: [louder]: "Welcome to the EASTER play."

[Parents play paparazzi.]

1st Girl: [twisting back and forth] "We’d like to thank the Easter Bunny, Jesus, and our pilgrim forefathers for this lovely holiday."

[Front row heads turn. Quick debate between Principal and second-grade teacher.]

[Children swarm onto the stage. Most are dressed like eggs. The ones with lazy parents are dressed in brown, supposedly to look like chocolate.]

All: [Singing with a piano] "Thanks for all the candy eggs, Thanks for all the fun and games, Thanks to parents who love us so, by letting us eat all the cookie dough."

[Fierce whispering in the front row. Principal debates the wisdom of permitting the second-grade teacher to write original lyrics.]

2nd Boy: [staring at the front row prompters] "Muslims celebrate Easter, too." [long pause] "They just call it Ramadan, and fast all day instead of eating Easter candy."

[Principal buries head in hands. Second-grade teacher continues to teleprompt.]

2nd Girl: [grabbing her skirt nervously] "We hide eggs because the pilgrims were so hungry they had to hide their eggs from the Indians."

[Janitor comes in dressed like the Easter Bunny. After each squat, he removes an Easter Egg from his backside and hands one to every child. He looks about as happy as a squatting janitor dressed up as a bunny could look.]

All: [reciting, guided by second-grade teacher waving her hands like a conductor] "Our parents are so wonderful, we just want to give back."

[Two children approach the front of the stage and put their eggs in the basket, as intended. But one boy chucks his egg into the auditorium. The children watch, then follow like lemmings. Chocolate eggs hail down.]

Parents: [Screaming]

[Eyes, noses, foreheads are bruised. Only one father, clearly a sports fanatic who enjoys flying projectiles, cheers and tries to catch them. Principal stands up, waving his arms like a flight deck coordinator. Curtain falls prematurely.]

[Second-grade teacher demoted to choir director. Janitor spends two weeks cleaning chocolate off auditorium seats. School cancels future Easter plays, spends money on distributing huge baskets of candy to every child. Children grin, stuff themselves. Play has a happy ending.