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Christmas Candy Canes

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Children never sleep very well on Christmas Eve, because they know there are wrapped presents to open and stocking sweets to devour. One of the most iconic Christmas candies eaten during the holidays is the classic candy cane. This cane-shaped candy stick was created when a choirmaster wished to preoccupy restless children during the Christmas Eve church service. Centuries later, candy canes and sticks are still one of the most popular kinds of candies for eating, baking, decorating, and gifting. Whether you’re stocking up on these candy sticks for the holidays or preparing tasty desserts for friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of bulk Christmas candy canes features all the latest flavors from LifeSavers®, SweeTarts®, Hershey’s®, Jolly Rancher®, Starburst®, and more.

Feeling adventurous this holiday season? We proudly carry an array of flavors for bulk Christmas candy canes that stray from the beaten path. Intrigue your pork-obsessed friends with bacon-flavored candies or satisfy any dill-flavored fix by trading peppermint for pickle this year. Clear your sinuses with wasabi or end your holiday meal with a little more gravy. Whichever odd flavor you choose, your coworkers will giggle with glee and your children will burst with beguilement. Once the house is so quiet you can hear the snow fall outside, kick back and relax with a hot chocolate candy cane. Santa may be hooked on milk and cookies, but he won’t pass up on an opportunity to nibble on a creamy candy cane by Oreo®. Stock up on all the unusual flavors of bulk Christmas candy canes we have to offer at Candy Warehouse.

From centerpieces to party favors, the decorating possibilities are limitless with candy canes and sticks. We offer a wide range of candy cane sizes for you to choose from, including miniatures, hard candy sticks, licorice sticks, jellies, lollipops, rock candy crystal sticks, and so much more. In addition to classic peppermint or other favorite flavors, we also carry candy-filled canes with chocolates by M&M®, Reese’s®, Spree®, and other popular name brands. Decorate all your cupcakes and Christmas cookies with crushed candy cane chips. If you have any questions about our selection of bulk Christmas candy canes and sticks, please contact one of our friendly specialists today for further assistance.

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