Good & Plenty Licorice Candy: 5LB Bag by Good and Plenty

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Fun fact -- If you’ve accidentally left your Good & Plenty out in a bowl too long and find they’ve gone a bit stale, there’s a simple trick to revive them: Zap them in the microwave for 18 seconds. They’ll be good as new!

But honestly, who ever allows those sugary cylinders to go stale? Sweet, sweet black licorice is coated in a hard candy shell in shades of pastel pink and white. It’s a crunchy, chewy kind of delicious you can only expect from the original Good & Plenty! And now that you know the secret to everlasting Good & Plenty goodness, it’s even more acceptable to stock up on a few pounds of the yummy Plenties for a rainy day… or five.

Bag contains 5 pounds of Good & Plenty Licorice Pastels Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.