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Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag
Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag 
  • Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag
  • Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag
  • Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag
  • Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag
  • Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag
  • Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag

Easter Egg Tootsie Pops: 15-Piece Bag

Item # 130693
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Made in USA Kosher certified by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Dairy Gluten Free Candy
This Easter, ditch the funk of hard boiled eggs and go for sweet-smelling Easter egg tootsie pops! These vibrant violet, blue, magenta, brown, and tan shells are drop-dead gorgeous. But you won’t be on the floor for too long. The fruity flavors and Tootsie centers of these Easter lollipops are enough to make you ascend to heaven. So try this 15-piece bag to usher in the Easter spirit or hide them in secret places for the hunt. The assortment will make for a delicious game.

Flavors include:

Bag contains 15 Easter Egg Tootsie Pops.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb. These Easter lollipops are Kosher Certified.

­­4 Fantastic Themes For Your Child’s Easter Basket

By: Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

Easter is just around the corner, and every kid out there has dreams of chocolate bunnies hopping in their heads. So if your Easter bunny is looking for some new ideas on how to create the perfect Easter basket for your little one, then search no further. We at Modernize have 4 fantastic themes for their Easter basket that will certainly bring out the joy of the holiday in all of us.

Monochromatic Basket

Every child has a color they just love! So why not have their Easter basket be a monochromatic explosion of that obsession? Candy companies have gotten on board with this idea, and you can now find anything from M&Ms to Peeps to Jelly Belly jelly beans that are sold as one individual color rather than an assortment. Click here to shop by color at CandyWarehouse. Add in some crayons, markers, and construction paper in that same hue, and you have a basket that will tickle them pink (or blue or green or yellow…)!

Vintage Basket

If your child is an old soul and likes things with a more vintage feel, then fill their baskets with candy of another era. Candy corn first showed up on the market in 1880 and Tootsie Rolls not long after in 1896, and both are just as delicious today as they were then. Plus, both are available in festive Easter versions. But there is nothing more classic in a vintage-themed basket than these beautifully designed Sugar Eggs sitting in an antique teacup. Be sure to give special attention to the basket itself, too. Antique stores always have old baskets in stock that would match this aesthetic perfectly.

Health Conscious

In this day and age, everyone is becoming more health conscious, and there is no reason your child’s Easter basket has to be any different. Instead of filling their basket with sugary sweets, opt for healthier choices like their favorite fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Black Forest Spring fruit snacks are all made with real fruit juice and are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Edible Easter Baskets

Who says you have to buy a basket? You can easily build a basket with a little ribbon, glue, poster board, and boxes of their favorite treats like Peeps. Twizzlers even makes edible Easter grass that would fill in the basket flawlessly. Top that off with a big chocolate bunny and some gummy carrots to nibble on, and you are certain to have an Easter basket your child can really sink their teeth into.

No matter the Easter basket’s theme, your child is sure to be delighted by the fun of the holiday and the Easter bunny’s thoughtfulness!

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