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Concord Confections

Concord Confections are the iconic candy and gum varieties that bring joyful flavor and tasty fun to any party or event. Who can forget America’s original chewing gum, the famous Concord Confections Double Bubble, with its chunky square shape and hours of bubble-blowing pleasure, or the old-time favorite Wax Candy Sticks that were like edible little glow sticks filled with sweet liquid candy! Concord Confections candy comes in many delicious varieties like colorful sweet tarts in fruit shapes or bubble gum cigars to announce the arrival of a new baby! For building block fun in a box, Candy Blox are candies that look and function like building blocks, so your little ones can create entire cityscapes that are as much fun to make as they are to eat! These retro treats and more are all available at Candy Warehouse in bulk-sized packaging for your next birthday bash or Halloween party!
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