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For centuries, purple has always been regarded as supernatural and prestigious due to its rarity in nature. This precious color has also long been associated with royalty and power. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, corporate event, or celebration and the theme calls for purple, you have come to the right place. Candy Warehouse is the ultimate source for delicious treats, candies, and confections that are sure to have your taste buds begging for more. Our selection of purple candy offers a wide variety of treats to enjoy, including lollipops, rock candy, gumballs, marshmallows, gummy bears, peanut butter cups, candy beads, jelly beans, and so much more. Explore our inventory today to discover all things purple and delectable!

Searching for those childhood classics and traditional sweets? Look no further. Our purple bulk candy selection includes old-fashioned staples, such as salt water taffy, thin ribbon candy, candy-coated popcorn, caramels, malted milk balls, foiled milk chocolate coins, licorice, rock candy crystal sticks, and other authentic candies that are sure to bring a smile to your face and help you relive the memories of visiting old candy shops. Our pearlescent purple candies are excellent for weddings, bridal showers, anniversary parties, or any celebration.

Keep purple at the forefront with the help of our purple candy table assortments and self-serve buffet kits. The purple affair you’ve prepared to commemorate a graduation, celebrate nuptials, or throw your annual screening of "Purple Rain" is finally complete with all the candy you need to set up a beautiful buffet. Simply add jars, scoops, and bags to enjoy or offer seven or eight different delicious types of candies to your guests. Some kits include serving supplies for your convenience.

As one of the leading candy suppliers in the country, it is our commitment to provide the finest purple bulk candy available so you can make the most of any location or event that calls for sweet treats. Creating an account with us allows you to access your order history so you can quickly reorder, maintain your address book, manage a wish list or registry, set up reminders, receive announcements, and expedite your checkout process. Contact us today with any questions or concerns so we can provide further assistance.

Buy Purple Candy in Bulk at Candy Warehouse

Since she was a baby, Violet had loved the color purple. She loved all shades of it - royal purple, lavender, and - of course - violet. She had her room painted purple. She wore all purple, all the time. She even named her brown cat "Purple". Luckily, her parents stopped her before she dyed the poor cat’s fur a bright purple. Enough was enough, after all.

Violet’s father- a wealthy car salesman - always wanted Violet to have the best of everything. He bought her purple toys and purple coats and even a pet purple peacock. Unfortunately, Violet became too used to getting everything she wanted. She developed quite the attitude, bragging to her friends and classmates about all of her toys.

As Violet’s 11th birthday approached, her parents were in a panic. Violet had been so rude and spoiled to her friends and classmates that no one wanted to attend her birthday party! She had only one friend left, a girl named Cornelia. With her help, Violet’s father devised a plan.

The next day Cornelia passed out invitations to everyone in school; Surprise party for Violet this Saturday! All the candy you can eat!

As Violet walked in the front door on her birthday, the lights went on and a huge crowd shouted "Surprise!"

And surprised she was. All of her friends and schoolmates surrounded her in a room full of purple candy! Sculptures made of purple grape rock candy crystals lined the walls. At each table, there were jars of purple candy: purple jelly beans, purple grape salt water taffy, and even purple gumballs. Violet picked up a purple gumball. It was the first time she had tried gum, and she loved it.

The Beauregardes were thrilled that their daughter was having such a good time. Even the schoolmates, as they chewed on purple gummy bears and sucked on their Purple Whirly Pops, were so delighted by the purple candy party that they forgot about Violet’s rude behavior. It was a happy birthday, indeed.

Violet went on to become a finalist in a contest held by Willy Wonka himself! She was very excited until an unfortunate blueberry accident occurred...