Whatchamacallit Candy Bars: 36-Piece Box

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Whatchamacallit King Size Candy Bars: 18-Piece Box

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History of Whatchamacallit Candy

Since its introduction in 1987, Whatchamacallit candy has become a hugely popular sweet in the United States. Made by The Hershey Company, this bar had a peanut crisp interior and a layer of caramel coated with delicious milk chocolate, giving it both crunch and chewiness. Hershey’s released the Thingamajig in the early 2000s. The “little brother” to the Whatchamacallit, the Thingamajig featured a cocoa crisp chunk and peanut butter interior coated with chocolate. Its run was short-lived – it was discontinued in 2012 – but the Whatchamacallit proved more popular. You can still buy this retro candy bar today.

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A Whatchamacallit is just as fun to eat as it is to say. These chocolate candy bars may be classics, but they deliver big flavor that’s just as popular today as ever before. Peanut flavored crisps provide just the right amount of crunch for a satisfying bite. Creamy chocolate covered caramel adds plenty of sweetness and chewiness, creating a tasty complement to the crunchiness of this bar. Every bite is one that you want to savor, and you can, letting the caramel candy slowly dissolve on your tongue. While these old fashioned candies can be challenging to find in your local stores, you can always find them here at Candy Warehouse. We carry these bars in their traditional size and in king size to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. Stock up for a big party, for Halloween, or just to share some of your favorite childhood favorites with your own kids.

Whatchamacallit Fun Facts

The Whatchamacallit’s name is a play on a social pun, poking fun at the term people create when they can’t remember the name of a product. Hershey’s produced plenty of memorable candy bars in addition to this one, including the Thingamajig, the Heath Bar, and, of course, the Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. Hershey’s modified the Whatchamacallit ingredients in 2008 when prices started increasing. By reducing the cocoa butter content of the chocolate, the company was able to retain the bar’s original taste while still delivering it at an affordable price.

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