Very Special Chocolates

Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles: 10-Piece Crate

33 Reviews

Grand Assortment Chocolate Liquor Bottles: 8.1-Ounce Gift Box

37 Reviews

Foiled Chocolate Bottles with Liquor Filling: 24-Piece Display

17 Reviews

Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles: 24-Piece Crate

31 Reviews

Meet the best dynamic duo since Simon and Garfunkel: Very Special Chocolates’ famous liquor filled chocolate bottles of yummy goodness. Who says candy is just for kids? Finally, you can indulge in the epic combo of chocolate liquor, where the sweetness of childhood meets the pleasures of adulthood. These alcohol candies are the ultimate treat to enjoy your favorite childhood snack, now with a fun twist. They are the perfect gift for your (legal) sweet-toothed friends and family to enjoy. Be the hit of the party and forever known as an amazing gift-giver when they open these delicious party favors. These tiny bottles pack a big punch of flavor: whether you get a smaller 10-piece box set or go all out with the large 24-piece crates, Candy Warehouse is the place to order these classy adult treats online. Bottoms up!

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