UNO Candy Bar

Annabelle's U-NO Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box

17 Reviews

A historical favorite for years, the U-NO candy bar has the chocolatey almond infused deliciousness that satisfies your most intense cravings for something unique! The UNO candy bar has a chocolate truffle-like center covered in luscious milk chocolate and ground almonds for a light, airy, and extraordinary taste experience! Created by Annabelle's candy, and brought to you by Candy Warehouse, the UNO milk chocolate candy bar is a confection of pure cocoa perfection that has been tempting truffle-loving taste buds for decades. Its rich taste and long-standing history make it a fabulous treat for times when an ordinary chocolate with nuts candy bar just won’t do. When you know you need more than the average chocolate bar, you know you need a U-NO!

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