Turtles Candy

DeMet's Turtles Chocolate Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box

3 Reviews

DeMet's Turtles Bite Size Chocolates: 60-Piece Box

1 Review

DeMet's Turtles Caramel Nut Cluster Chocolates Assortment: 17.5-Ounce Bag


DeMet's Turtles Minis Caramel Nut Cluster Chocolates - Original: 5-Ounce Bag


DeMet's Turtles Minis Caramel Nut Cluster Chocolates - Dark Almond: 5-Ounce Bag


Introducing the best collaboration since the Beatles: cocoa, pecans, and caramel all melded together to form the tastiest of treats: delicious Turtles Candy! Dude, we’re getting the band back together! Demet’s chocolate turtles are a classic treat made up of the yummiest ingredients to make your taste buds sing. A fan favorite snack for generations, these chocolate nut clusters will make your heart burst with happiness from its sugary goodness and enticing flavors. They’re the perfect gift for any candy lover out there. Whether you’re shopping for a significant other with an unabashed sweet tooth or family members who need to be introduced to their new snack obsession, you can’t go wrong with turtle chocolate candy. One thing’s for sure: these delightful sweets will put a smile on anyone’s face. They come fresh and ready to feast on! Rich flavors await you in every bite, so order today and brighten someone’s day!

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