Turkish Taffy

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Candy Bars - Banana: 24-Piece Box

6 Reviews

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Candy Bars - Strawberry: 24-Piece Box

1 Review

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Candy Bars - Chocolate: 24-Piece Box

2 Reviews

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Candy Bars - Vanilla: 24-Piece Box

4 Reviews

Bonomo Turkish Taffy Bite-Size Candy: 200-Piece Tub

3 Reviews

Believed to have been invented in New York in the early 1900s, Turkish taffy candy is an irresistible treat. Legend has it that the inventor was intending to make marshmallows but accidentally added too many egg whites. Whether that history is true or mere myth, it’s plain to see why so many people are in love with these chewy treats. At Candy Warehouse, we have a variety of these products that you can buy wholesale. These days, you can get the stuff in a rainbow-array of enticing flavors. We’re talking strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla Turkish taffy all in one place. Oh, and if you’re finding it hard to pick which one suits your taste, we have the answer. Why not treat yourself to a batch of Bonomo Turkish taffy in every flavor you can imagine? You won’t regret it!

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