Turkey Shaped Candy

Madelaine Foiled Flat Milk Chocolate Turkeys: 40-Piece Tub


Squire Boone Giant Turkey with 96 Lollipop Feathers

2 Reviews

Madelaine Foiled Semi-Solid 1-Ounce Milk Chocolate Turkeys: 20-Piece Display

5 Reviews

Thanksgiving Turkey Pinata

3 Reviews

Madelaine Foiled Semi-Solid 1-Ounce Dark Chocolate Turkeys: 20-Piece Display


Thompson Foiled Turkey 3.5-Ounce Milk Chocolates: 15-Piece Display


Madelaine Foiled Semi-Solid 8-Ounce Milk Chocolate Turkey

4 Reviews

Giant 3-Pound Milk Chocolate Turkey


Turkey Lollipops: 24-Piece Box


Why not enjoy decadent chocolate turkey candy this holiday season? When the festival of plenty comes around, your sweet supplies should be overflowing. Stock up your pantry right now! They say people have two stomachs; one for savory food and one for sweet things! When you’ve eaten your Thanksgiving dinner, let those sugar cravings begin. Finishing the meal off with a scrumptious Thanksgiving candy turkey is certain to put a massive smile on everyone’s face. Picture the remarkable scene. Even old uncle Brian, who is notoriously cranky during family gatherings, will be grinning from ear to ear. Turkey shaped candy will make your party complete. Thankfully, here at Candy Warehouse, we specialize in turkey made of candy. We have a clucking impressive variety, even if we do say so ourselves. Shop now for your next family feast. Gobble gobble.

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