Too Tarts

Too Tarts Suck Ups Sour Liquid Candy Dispensers: 24-Piece Box


Too Tarts Sweet and Sour Blast Candy Spray Bottles: 12-Piece Display

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Too Tarts Goo 4 You Sour Liquid Candy Tubes: 18-Piece Box


Get ready to pucker up with the tangy taste of Too Tarts Candy! These are novelty candies with a tart twist. These treats aren’t just delicious, they’re entertaining to eat too. They make snacking fun. Sick of boring sweets? Try out other sugary forms with our collection of liquid and spray candy. Spray a sweet and sour mist into your mouth in your choice of sour Blueberry, Strawberry, and Green Apple flavors. They may not make your breath smell better, but they’ll be sure to send your taste buds in a frenzy. Or you can get goofy with some tangy squeeze candy. Suck up the sweet slime like a baby from the bottle dispensers or squeeze it into your mouth from the tube. Whatever way you eat it, the yummy taste is guaranteed. Get your sour fix with our sugar free goodies at Candy Warehouse today.

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