Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bars: 20-Piece Box

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Toblerone Dark Chocolate Bars: 20-Piece Box


Toblerone Crunchy Salty Almond Chocolate Bars: 20-Piece Box


Toblerone Giant 12.6-Ounce Chocolate Bar

19 Reviews

Toblerone Assorted Tiny Chocolates: 7-Ounce Box

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Toblerone Tiny Chocolate Bars: 100-Piece Box

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Toblerone Milk Chocolate Tinys: 7-Ounce Bag


Toblerone White Chocolate Bars: 20-Piece Box

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Toblerone Dark Chocolate Minis: 7-Ounce Bag


History of Toblerone Candy

Toblerone is one of the world's most famous chocolates, but the history behind this distinctive candy isn't as well known. This swiss chocolate was invented in 1908 by Bern-based chocolatier Theodore Tobler, but the story begins a little earlier with Theodore's father, Jean, in a small confectionery shop in Bern in 1868. Jean's candy skills eventually led him to found his own chocolate factory in 1899, where his son took over only a year later. Though Toblerone has had a series of owners, one of them previously being Kraft Foods, the incredible flavor remained the same throughout all these years.

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Toblerone is one of the most delicious chocolates in the world, and now it can be in your hands thanks to Candy Warehouse. We offer the company's most famous products, like their iconic chocolate candy bars in a variety of fun flavors like Salty Almond, Milk, White, and Dark chocolate. The treat is made out of chocolate, honey, nougat, and almonds, combining to form one the most luxurious sweets ever. The ingredients mix together to create a rich, distinctive taste. The unique ribbed shape makes it perfect for sharing as well - just break a piece off and pass it around. If you're on to go and want to keep some sweets in your pocket for a nice snack, but find the classic Toblerone chocolate bar too big, we sell their bitesize Tiny versions of the original as well. If you have an extra big appetite for this indulgent European candy, try our extra big giant Toblerone bar - it's an entire foot of sugary goodness! Manufactured with love by Mondelez in Switzerland, this chocolate treat always hits the spot.

Toblerone Fun Facts

Everyone knows the iconic Toblerone shape and even more legendary taste, but the reasoning behind the unique structure isn't as well known. The distinctive triangle shaped chocolate bar was modeled after Switzerland's most famous mountain peak, Matterhorn. Even the name has a deeper meaning behind it. The name is the result of smashing together Theodor's last name Tobler and torrone, the Italian word for nougat. The chocolate's rigged shape is so famous that the word "Toblerone" is used as a nickname for similarly shaped structures. It's used all over the world to name buildings, like the Toblerone Building in Belgrade.

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