Terry's Chocolate Orange

Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange Ball Gift Box

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Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange Ball Gift Box

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Terry's Toffee Chocolate Orange Ball Gift Box


Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange Bars: 10-Piece Box


Terry’s Chocolate Orange first appeared in the UK in 1932. The rich, decadent taste with a subtle hint of orange flavoring was an instant sensation, but its one-of-a-kind design and fruit-like appeal were the things that made it a worldwide favorite. This classic confection is just as much fun to open as it is to devour. Tap it, whack it, or simply smack it before you unwrap it. There’s really no wrong way to eat your Terry's milk chocolate orange ball. Whatever your technique, the trick is to firmly hit the treat on top so that all of the chocolate candy orange slices separate when you peel away the shiny foil wrapper. These unique, yummy creations are holiday traditions and delicious gifts for any season. Whether you’re craving the bittersweet flavor of dark chocolates or the milky goodness of regular, you can find your favorite orange-flavored confections at Candy Warehouse.

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