Swizzle Sticks

Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - Purple: 120-Piece Case

9 Reviews

Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - Green: 120-Piece Case

6 Reviews

Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - Brown: 120-Piece Case

2 Reviews

Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - Berry Purple: 120-Piece Case

1 Review

Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - Light Pink: 120-Piece Case

18 Reviews

Wrapped Light Blue Rock Candy Sticks: 120-Piece Case

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  • 2

Swizzle stick candy is the easiest way to finish off a party favor baggie or fun bonbon buffet. Combining your favorite rock-hard, crystalline confection and a simple, easy-to-hold wooden rod, these treats are perfect for kiddos and adults alike. It’s never been easier to avoid the tacky mess! Plus, the rainbow colors and a wide variety of flavors make this treat an easy-breezy way to please a large crowd. Shop the latest sugar cane swizzle sticks from Candy Warehouse today in assorted cases and one-flavor boxes in bulk. Espeez Rock Candy Sticks are the crème de la crème, with Christmas and USA colorways, and of course, iconic flavors like banana, strawberry, and black cherry. If buying in bulk is a necessity for you, Dryden & Palmer has whopping 120-piece cases of this delectable delight. Perfect for decorating a dessert tray or a birthday cake, this crystal-like sweet treat sparkles in the light for all to enjoy in awe.

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