Super Bubble

Super Bubble Gum - Assorted: 300-Piece Tub

13 Reviews

Super Bubble Gum - Original: 300-Piece Tub

37 Reviews

Super Bubble Gum - Apple: 300-Piece Box

5 Reviews

Super Bubble Gum - Grape: 300-Piece Box

3 Reviews

Super Bubble Gum Assortment: 3LB Bag

1 Review

History of Super Bubble Gum

Recognizable in looks and taste, Super Bubble gum is an American classic. Did you know this iconic bubblegum originated with the name Bub’s Daddy? It’s true! Shortly after World War II, Thomas Douglas and Russell Weiner of the Thomas Weiner Company developed this delectably tasty chewing gum. The original flavor was teamed up with apple, watermelon, and grape and sold at just five cents per piece. While the treat is no longer a penny candy, it remains a generational favorite!

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Does anything bring the nostalgia quite like an original piece of Super Bubble Gum? We don’t think so! Simply unfurling one of these individually-wrapped treats brings a wave of memories. “Batter up!” you hear as you take your first chomp of this chewy delight. Whether or not this chewing gum takes you back to the ballpark is up to your memory and yours alone, but one thing is certain: this old fashioned candy is an American classic with more than 70 years as the greatest. Initially known as Bub’s Daddy, this chewy treat is now made by the Ferrara Candy Company in original, grape, apple, and watermelon flavors. Find the latest from Candy Warehouse and experience the taste you’ve known and loved for decades! Shop bulk varieties of apple or grape Super Bubble gum, or go with something a little more classic and grab the original flavor 300-piece tub. Chomp down, blow a bubble, or string it out the length of your arm. It doesn’t matter how you consume it as long as that sweet and satisfying taste is there!

Super Bubble Fun Facts

Not many people know that Super Bubble originated in a former pickle plant. We sometimes can’t believe it, either! This chewy delight hit the candy market at five cents per piece – a steal of a deal if you ask us. But two years later, competition from both Bazooka and Dubble Bubble led the Thomas Weiner Company to reintroduce their Super Bubble gum at a new price. This one cent candy version hit penny stores across America and the rest is history!

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