Sunflower Food Company

Day of the Dead Candy Toppers: 12-Piece Display


Sunflower Food Company makes the delicious sweet snacks you can feel good about eating! Available in all-natural, seasonal, and everyday varieties, the chocolate covered sunflower seeds produced by this confectioner are uniquely delicious and make the perfect nutritious snack. These delightful sunflower seeds are covered in a rich chocolate candy coating and come in a rainbow of colors, making them a fabulous addition to the buffet table at your next themed party or an adventurous addition to cupcakes and snack mixes! The Sunflower Food Company Inc also makes Chocolate Rocks, Saltwater Taffy, and whimsical chocolate covered sunflower seed Critter Poop in Bear Poop, Flamingo Poop, and even Manatee poop, with a dash of Mermaid Tears to boot! Add a healthy twist to your snacking pleasure with these delicious candies available in bulk quantities at Candy Warehouse.

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