Strawberry Taffy

Salt Water Taffy - Strawberry: 2.5LB Bag

4 Reviews

Strawberry-Banana Salt Water Taffy: 3LB Bag

5 Reviews

Laffy Taffy Candy Bars - Strawberry: 24-Piece Box


Bonomo Turkish Taffy Candy Bars - Strawberry: 24-Piece Box

1 Review

Doscher's French Chew Taffy Bars - Strawberry: 24-Piece Box


Laffy Taffy Candy - Strawberry: 145-Piece Tub

13 Reviews

Strawberry Salt Water Taffy: 3LB Bag

8 Reviews

Salt Water Taffy - Strawberry Cheesecake: 2.5LB Bag


Salt Water Taffy - Strawberry Banana: 2.5LB Bag

1 Review

Laffy Taffy Candy Ropes - Strawberry: 24-Piece Box

7 Reviews

AirHeads Taffy Candy Bars - Strawberry: 36-Piece Box

3 Reviews

Strawberry & Creme Salt Water Taffy: 3LB Bag

7 Reviews

Flipsticks Nougat Taffy Candy - Strawberry: 48-Piece Caddy

2 Reviews

Like a warm, summer day spent picking ripe berries, delightfully sweet strawberry taffy offers a burst of delicious fruity flavor to quench your thirst! This chewy, creamy snack comes in a variety of options, like strawberry Laffy Taffy pieces and candy ropes, AirHeads, French Chew Bars, and mouthwatering strawberry salt water taffy. Choose from assorted bulk options like our 24-piece, 36-piece, and 48-piece boxes, or go big with our 2.5 lb and 3 lb bags. There’s so much heavenly flavor wrapped up in these individually packaged treats that you’ll be glad you stocked up! Share these delectable goodies at summery gatherings, birthday parties, and at any celebration where your guests crave a sweet, tempting dessert. Shop sweetly at Candy Warehouse!

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