Starfish Shaped Candy

Jumbo Gummy Tropical Starfish Candy: 3KG Bag

3 Reviews

Gummy Starfish Candy: 3KG Bag

8 Reviews

Gummy Funky Blob Monsters Candy: 3KG Bag


Travel underwater into the depths of the ocean blue and try our deliciously soft starfish candy! Sebastian was right: there’s nothing better than being under the sea. Our starfish shaped candy is adorable and comes in a variety of fun pastel colors that really draws the eyes in. Choose from our selection of chewy gummy starfish candy that comes in yummy tropical fruity flavors and pretty tie-dye colors. Enjoy a beach themed party to take your mind off things and decorate with sweet fish themed decorations and snacks, like our jumbo gummy candy starfish or our sugarcoated sea star gummies. It’ll be sure to make a splash at your next event! There are plenty of fish in the sea AKA our bulk selection, so order today at Candy Warehouse.

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