Jelly Belly Big Gummy Tarantula Spiders Candy Packs: 24-Piece Box


Halloween Spider Pinata

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Charms Fluffy Stuff Spider Web Cotton Candy Packs: 24-Piece Case


Madelaine Foiled Milk Chocolate Spooky Spiders: 60-Piece Display


Halloween Spider Web Fans: Set of 3


Sometimes cute, and sometimes creepy, spider candy is the perfect treat for Halloween, school events or arachnid-themed birthday parties. Boring Halloween parties are a thing of the past when partygoers take a swing at a spider pinata, and out falls hundreds of chocolate spiders to be scooped up and stashed in goodie bags. For even more entertainment, give kids a handful of super-squishy gummy spiders, and they won’t know whether to use them to play a trick or pop them in their mouth for a fruit-chewy treat. With value-priced, bulk quantities of spider candies available at Candy Warehouse, weaving a web of confectionary fun is as affordable as it gets!

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